2016: One Step At A Time

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It’s a new year and according to all the resolution experts, this is supposed to be a time for looking forward, not back; but so many events in 2015 changed my life, it’s hard not to reminisce. Last year was full of emotion: joy, sorrow, forgiveness, confusion, disappointment, and elation, but most of all, love. When I look back on last year, a smile creeps upon my face as I recall all the people and places that reminded me love is alive and well in my life and to those of you who were a part of that, THANK YOU! I want to take a brief moment to look back on some highlights from last year before revealing some very big plans for 2016. So, here it goes:

2015 Highlights


  • Adopting Bella! She has shown me unconditional love exists and can always put a smile on my face. She sure knows how to make a girl feel special 🙂
  • Getting hired as a Head Soccer Coach! Watching my girls go undefeated was an added bonus J
  • Buying my first DSLR and beginning to learn how to take amazing photos
  • Traveling to so many new and familiar places: Jackson Hole, Philly, Moab, Telluride, Milwaukee and so many more
  • Starting this blog!! This is by far the biggest personal achievement of the year and I can’t wait to watch it grow.
  • Learning how to mountain bike and falling in love with a new sport
  • Making new friends (so many I can’t name you all in the post!) and connecting on a deeper level with old friends

While I had an amazing 2015, it’s time to look forward to the new challenges and opportunities that 2016 has to present. I really hate making resolutions so I’ve made a goal/bucket list instead. It includes everything from personal growth to professional goals and some goals that are purely for fun, because you’ve gotta live outside your comfort zone once in a while!


One of my greatest challenges as an adult has been figuring out who I want to be and not being afraid to be that person. There have been people in my life (very recently) who felt it was ok to make fun of my goals and certain life choices and I let that negatively affect the way I thought about myself. But this year is all about being unapologetically ME!!! If I want to eat cupcakes for breakfast, I will. If I want to wear yoga pants and watch Netflix all day without leaving my couch, I will. If I want to order a burger and fries on a date rather than a salad, I will. If I want to tromp through mud puddles with my dog and not wash off before going home, I will. I think it’s completely acceptable to let your freak flag fly, so fly mine will.

2016 Goals

  • Travel to Alaska
  • Blog every week of the year (that means I’m accountable for 52 posts, yikes!)
  • Travel somewhere I’ve never been (new state or country, preferable Canada or Europe)
  • Run a Trail Race (ie. Tough Mudder or a trail 10k)
  • Get my Coaching D License for soccer
  • Learn to like (new) vegetables – this one’s gonna be a challenge
  • Cook more! – Thank you Pinterest for all the yummy ideas!
  • Do 1 DIY craft per month and document it
  • Read 5 new books and continue working on writing my own
  • Fall in love with a new band
  • Meet up with my internet friends IRL
  • Hike at least 5 14ers this summer
  • Sell my photography (at a show or online)
  • Run a sub-45 min. on The Incline


While these are all very attainable goals, some will push me out of my comfort zone and some will lure me right back in. We only have 1 life and I don’t think it’s meant to be lived in a box; you have to break the barriers, forget the rules and not be afraid to get a little dirty. Here’s to 2016: a new year with 365 days full of surprises and adventure! I can’t wait to get some dirt under my tires and some miles under my boots!




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