Bucket List

Work Hard, Play Harder has always been my motto. While I would love to have my playground also be my office, for now I live behind a computer screen in a row of cubicles for 40 hours a week, doing something I love, while earning my adventure time. A girl can dream 🙂

My outgoing, adventurous personality has led me to meet new friends who encourage me to try lots of new things that I otherwise wouldn’t have thought to do. My obsession with Pinterest also doesn’t help calm my constant wanderlust and desire to push the envelope. More times than I can count, I’ve watched a TGR film, read a blog post or had a conversation with one of my traveling friends and thought to myself, “I should add that to my bucket list!”

So, without further ado, here is a list of things I want to accomplish. Many of them I’m working on and can get checked off soon; many are still in the dreamy “idea” stage. I’m a firm believer in trying anything once (unless it’s fish and I’m allergic to it), so here it goes!

  1. Climb all of Colorado’s 54 14er’s – I’ve completed 15 so far! (as of 8/8/15)
  2. Travel abroad and experience another cultureWent to Australia in 2009
  3. Coach my own soccer teamI’m currently the head coach of a U11 girls team!
  4. Play soccer semi-professionallyPlayed for Colorado Fire for 1 season after college
  5. Snowboard in the Alps
  6. Snowboard in Canada
  7. Go to an Olympics as a spectator
  8. Go to the World Cup
  9. Learn a new sportI picked up mountain biking this year and think I’m addicted! 
  10. Go zip-lining in Costa Rica
  11. Go whale watching in Alaska
  12. Get my writing published in a magazineI’ve been published several times for work and got my poetry published in print when I was in college!
  13. Write a novel – Paint the Silence is a work in progress. Goal is to be done by the time I’m 30
  14. Adopt and raise my own dog –  Bella, my Bernese Mountain Dog, is my main squeeze 
  15. Buy a house
  16. Travel to all 50 states in the US
  17. Land a 180 (or 360) on my snowboard – I’ve landed a few 180’s but need to get more air
  18. Become sponsored by an outdoors company
  19. Travel to Europe (including Paris, London, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Italy and Greece)
  20. Learn photography and have my pieces featured in a gallery – I bought a DSLR in April!
  21. Shoot, Edit and Produce my own sports highlight video

When you live a life full of adventure, your goals are bound to change so this is not a firm or complete list. I’m sure I’ll add a few goals in the coming months!

I know you’ve got a bucket list too! What adventures made your list? Share them with me in the comments below!

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