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Welcome to Bear Tracks: a blog highlighting a girl (that’s me!), her Jeep (named Bear) and her adorable Bernese Mountain Dog (Bella). I promise to take you on adventure after adventure, trying something new every month while continuing to explore places I love over and over. Living in Colorado, it’s hard not to fall in love with the outdoors and the 3 of us have done just that 🙂

As a social media specialist by day and an outdoor enthusiast by night, I always find myself on an adventure, whether it’s Periscoping from the top of a 14er or tweeting about my latest mountain biking trek, I am always getting my boots or tires dirty. Why stay at home when you can step out your front door and play soccer, go mountain biking, hiking, rafting, trail running, snowboarding…you get the idea! So, without further ado, here is our story!

Meet Kami

I would consider myself an outdoors addict; I love everything Colorado has to offer and am continually awed at the beauty of it’s mountains, even as a native. The second I sit down at my cubicle on Monday morning, I’m researching the next place my friends and I can explore come Friday at 5pm. No adventure is complete without a cup of coffee and my journal. [Read more about my love for writing in this blog post.]

When I’m not busy working social media miracles at work, you’ll find me at the park with my dog, enjoying a craft beer after a long day of “shredding some sick pow bruh!”, or testing my adrenaline limits on the Jeep and mountain bike trails. No adventure is too big and no roadtrip can ever be long enough. Well, maybe for my friends who have to listen to me sing karaoke it can be, but it’s all in good fun.

When I’m in the mountains, I lose all sense of time. Who needs a cell phone when you’ve got gorgeous mountains to play in and good friends to keep you company? As someone who’s connected to the world 9 hours a day, 5 days a week for work, I never thought I’d say I’m ok disconnecting and losing track of the “real” world, but here I am, shoving my iPhone as deep into my backpack as it will go, setting it on airplane mode and just enjoying Colorado as it was meant to be enjoyed. The last 2-3 years have been quite the journey for me but I like who I am becoming. As long as I’ve got a pen, some paper, Bella and Bear, I’ll be a happy camper. My life is bound to keep changing so bring on the next challenge. In the mean time, I’ll keep exploring the new Jeep trails, playing lots of soccer, watching Bella grow into her gigantic paws and enjoy endless hours in my mountain paradise.


Meet Bear (my Jeep) 

Bear is my partner in crime and my dirt road companion. She’s always ready to tackle the snow, mud, sand…whatever surface our adventure takes us on. Her V6 engine definitely packs some heat, silencing any skeptics that think her pearly red coat makes her too much of a “luxury” car to take off-roading. She likes getting dirty and I don’t mind since every time I consider pampering her with a $15 car wash, mother nature decides to pour rain, washing away any evidence of a weekend well spent on the trails. She’s heard me laugh, cry, sing…the whole 9 yards. She knows too much from my dashboard confessionals to ever let her go. Here’s to many more adventures!

*Side Note:  Yes, I did just write a bio for my car. Feel free to call me a dork, I don’t mind.

Meet Bella 

Bella, my Bernese Mountain Dog, was born on 3-14-15, aka Pie Day! I consider her my fur-child and she’s definitely going through her teenage girl phase where she’s defiant and doesn’t always want to listen to mom. Who can resist that cute face? Hint: not me! But I still love her! Here’s to many adventures with her both on and off the trails!

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